The Problem

The high cost and time delays in verifying healthcare professionals’ qualifications puts patients in danger.

Only 20% of employers verify applicant's credentials. With medical professionals, including nurses and consultants buying fake qualifications this is a huge concern.
The current system of manual verification takes an average of four-six months to complete, leaving hospitals critically understaffed or paying huge amounts of money for temporary agency professionals.
Successful candidates wait months to start new roles - often without jobs or income.

Bertify Solution

Bertify enables instant verification by issuing and verifying secure digital credentials.




Doctors, Nurses & Care Workers

  • Quicker employment with little to no waiting time
  • Less paperwork
  • Less costly and time-consuming errors
  • Simple, easy and safe management of credentials
  • Immediate access to updated credentials with the ability to share with employers
  • Hospitals & Employers

  • Only qualified professionals are employed
  • Quicker onboarding of staff
  • Saves huge amounts of money (i.e. for hospitals) by avoiding temporary staff
  • Hospitals and medical institutions are a safer place for patients
  • Medical Councils, Universities

  • Less time, effort and money spent on verification
  • Repeat or re-verification eliminated
  • Improved reputation and trust
  • Recruiting Agencies & Locums

  • Quicker screening of potential candidates
  • Less paperwork
  • Less time-consuming and costly errors
  • Improves trust and employability of professionals
  • Bertify uses state-of-art blockchain technology and cryptography engineering to make the hiring process quicker and safer.


    Verification through network consensus means academic credentials cannot be tampered with.

    Permanent storage

    Bertify uses immutable records ensuring your academic credentials or certificates persist for your entire lifetime.

    Proves authenticity

    Cryptographic digital proofs can’t be faked. So confidence and trust in the validity of your credentials is enhanced.

    Always available

    Multiple network nodes store copies of all data which means that your credentials are always available and accessible. If one node goes down it won’t affect accessibility.

    Privacy by design

    Zero-knowledge proofs ensure that users always remain in control over what data is disclosed to others, giving you the highest level of privacy whilst still allowing authentic verification.

    Quick verification

    Once the credential is issued, checks on authenticity can be done instantaneously, vastly cutting down the current wait time from months to a matter of minutes.

    Bertify Components - the technical side of things

    The DApp consists of dedicated enterprise blockchain for credentials which provides the core functionality of a secure ledger – where qualifications are stored. The other components include Mobile and Web applications for medics and employers.

    Blockchain for credentials

    At the core of Bertify is the Sovrin-Network, a public permissioned enterprise ledger that incorporates robust consensus protocols for performance and scalability needs of credential issuing institutions.

    Easy Integrated Verification

    Third parties such as potential employers, agencies or even universities can integrate software libraries made available to them to easily integrate verification into their existing systems.

    Automated Credential Issuing

    Issuers and higher education institutions who wish to issue new credentials directly on blockchain will be given access to a REST-based API facility for automated bulk deployment. Meaning as new classes of medics graduate their universities automatically set them up to be instantly verifiable.

    Credential Wallet

    Users will have access to mobile wallets that store their credentials. They will be able to share proof of these credentials these directly with potential employers and recruiters, anywhere and anytime, authenticating their qualifications in minutes.

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